Cancellation policy

Several customers have lots of questions in their minds related to product cancellation! Some common questions are …

Can I cancel the order anytime?

No! Sorry about that! You can't cancel your order once you placed and confirm from our side and production already started. You have to take the printed products. In case of a custom order, if we are unable to print your order design, then we will refund your full amount instantly.

Do you provide any cancellation call?

Yes! Sure! We always provide a cancellation call before we proceed further!  If we are unable to print your custom design, our executive will call you and provide details and cancel the order.

Can I get cancellation mail?

Yes! You can get cancellation mail once we cancel your order!

Can I return my money after cancellation?

Yes! You can get your money easily after we confirm your cancellation. But if you want to cancel after placing the order, you will not be able to do that!