Customer payment policy

Our payment policy is very simple and easy! We don't have any hidden conditions! Your payment privacy is very important to us! Please read this payment policy properly to understand how we work securely!

If you place an order from our website, first our executives will check. If you placed a custom order, then first we have to analyze whether we will be able to make such design or not! Once we understand your requirement, we will assure you or else our executive will call you and cancel the order! If we are unable to offer you custom printed design, then we will cancel the order and return your money completely.

If any user of our placed the order, then they need to pay the money using online payment mode! Once you place the order, we never refund the money! For this check our terms and condition section! If printwizardbd unable to submit within time, they will return 10% of your payment. But if they need to change the design as per your opinion and need to revisit them your design several times as per your design which you never said before, and need to do again print for products, and it crosses deadline, then we will charge 10% more as a penalty and add in billing.

·         How do I pay for an order on

Printwizardbd offers you multiple payment methods online! you may use a debit card, credit card, or online payment mode! Whatever payment mode you will use, our payment gateway is trusted and secure. We secure with encryption technology and we always make our transaction confidential. You may use Internet Banking. Printwizardbd also accepts payments made using Card Types like MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, and credit/debit cards worldwide.

·         Is there any hidden charge when I order on printwizardbd?

No, there are no hidden charges when you place an order on our website. The entire price listed on the products includes printing quality, design, and print charges. The price you will see on our website is exactly what you will pay!

·         Is it safe to use my credit/debit card of

If you will use printwizardbd, you will be able to get high-quality transaction security from our website. We use encryption technology to protect your digital card while securely able to transfer money. All credit card and debit card payments on printwizardbd are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading banks. You don't need to worry about safety and security because most of the banks now days offer to their clients 3D secure password service for the online transaction.

·         Can I use my internet banking for payment?


Yes! Printwizardbd offers you an easy way to use your bank's internet banking service to make any type of payment for your print order! Using this you can identify your transfer amount and your account will notify and we also provide you confirmation mail!

You don't need to worry about our online printing service and our payment mode! We are one of the secure websites that always hide their customer's data from outside.